Who are all those strangers inside your skull?

Who are you…really?

A straightforward definition of “you”  is the mélange of conscious thoughts, perceptions, feelings and memories that live in your skull. Along with  these percepts, “you” might also include personality and abilities: that collection of tendencies  and potentials that defines how you’ll feel, think , perform and behave under different circumstances.  Finally, lets round “you” out by adding your body to all of the mental stuff.

A mind and a body: what else could there be?

Yes, you’ve heard of the subconscious and unconscious, but, by definition, you’re not aware of those, so how do you know they’re real?

Well, the subconscious, unconscious—call it what you want—is not only real and directly observable, but it’s as important a part of you as your conscious mind.

It also makes you a different person—even a very different person– than you think you are.

Let’s prove it.

Originally Published In Psychology Today

© Dr. Eric Haseltine

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