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It seems our brains have a multitude of ways of doing things we have absolutely no idea about. In fact, Dr. Eric Haseltine builds a fascinating and convincing argument that our brains actually go out of their way to hide their actions from us. Through a series of fun, quick experiments that you can do by yourself, you will uncover these surprising secrets while on a thought-provoking adventure.

Much more ”show” than ”tell,’ Brain Safari gives you direct, immediate experiences with the inner workings of your brain. Each of these experiences is designed to startle, amaze, and inform, and they don’t fall short of that goal. Dr. Haseltine brings decades of imaginative and informative experience to this book. It will leave you in awe of the complicated organ within your head.


Dr. Eric Haseltine is an author, futurist, and neuroscientist. He has held several senior executive positions in private industry and the public sector. He was the associate director and CTO for national intelligence at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the director of research at the National Security Agency, an executive vice president at Walt Disney Imagineering, and a director of engineering at Hughes Aircraft Company. For the past few years, he has been developing completely new forms of digital media, entertainment, and advertising, in addition to cutting-edge cyber and industrial security solutions.

Eric has authored or co-authored 15 patents in optics, special effects, and electronic media. In addition, he has published more than 100 articles in Discover magazine, on Discover.com, and in journals such as Brain Research and Society for Neuroscience Proceedings. He maintains a blog on Psychology Today. Eric’s book, Long Fuse, Big Bang, shows how to prevent the tyranny of the urgent from trumping the pursuit of the important. He is co-author of The Listening Cure, with Dr. Chris Gilbert.



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