The Geometry of Your Brain Shapes Your Future

Sophocles said “Character is fate,” but what makes your character?

Originally Published In Psychology Today

You can tell a lot about a teenager’s future just by looking at them.

If, after puberty, they are shorter than average, it’s very unlikely they’ll play pro basketball, if they are obese and unattractive, they probably have no future in modeling, and if they are tall and good looking, statistics show they may have more successful careers and earn higher salaries than shorter, less attractive teenagers.

Although it’s possible for anyone to overcome their physical limitations, on average, we can make such guesses about a person’s prospects from their external appearance.

But can you also get a clue about someone’s future by looking at their internal appearance?

When it comes to the geometry and size of the brain, a fast growing body of evidence suggests the answer is…yes.

© Dr. Eric Haseltine

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