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Welcome to Brain Safari Games, where your brain is a never-ending source of entertainment.

Experience shock, awe, and amazement as you discover many stealthy things your brain does without ever asking your permission.

Do you know why optical illusions work?

Would you like to experience exciting new illusions of touch, movement, sound, smell, and taste?

Did you know that your brain actually goes out of its way to hide crucially important details from you?

Surprise! Your brain is actually a different “person” from you. Do you know why?

Click the button below to find out. You’ll get access to all the brain games I created for my book, Brain Safari!


Sample Games

Optical Illusion #1

In Brain Games, you’ll see things that are supposed to be impossible, such as this image, where you can see true 3D stereo on a flat screen! Learn why and how optical illusions work, and experience exciting illusions of touch, movement, sound, smell, and taste.

Optical Illusion #2

Playing the animation in this exercise will allow you to prove to yourself that your brain can be tricked into misinterpreting size. Click on the animation to learn in more depth how your brain takes computational shortcuts that produce this illusion.

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